Katerina Sedy

Across her multidisciplinary artistic practice, Katerina Sedy explores the atmospheres of public spaces formed by an intersection of daily life and urban development. Her work seeks to reframe public understanding of the urban environment we live in by mapping the structural changes of the city through time alongside its everyday usage and habitation. Central to her work is the examination of the pliable border between architectural objects and intangibles such as memory and history which render humble structures as more than mortar and stone, and reflect a greater footprint when lost to development from gentrification, politics, and private interests.

Sedy’s work moves fluidly between mediums such as photography, painting, installation and sculpture to select formats that will best communicate her stories to the public. Her work can be seen as an offering of activism and education, inviting viewers to reassess their view of familiar landscapes, and to fight for their own neighborhoods.