Katerina Sedy

The city changes through time, continuously razed and rebuilt, but though almost every part of has or will be destroyed, memories and other intangibles remain.
In my artistic practice, I explore distinctive atmospheres found in public spaces formed by an intersection of human behavior and urban development. These atmospheres are created through acoustic, haptic, material, and visual components such as the sound of steps on pavement or turf or the presence and quality of echoes. Combined, they can give off a positive or negative
energy, and my work often focuses on creating site specific installations in or about places where these energies are the
most extreme. Within these installations I research and question the development of urban landscapes through gentrification, politics, and private development.
The mediums I use—photography, video, painting, digital collage, installation and sculpture—are a kind of catalog for me to draw from depending on the concept and intention to reframe the rhythm and patterns of the infrastructures we live in.